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4-Youth is operated and maintained by caring and compassionate people who are dedicated to empowering youth to make healthy life choices. Youth shouldn't have to learn the hard way. When presented with facts and choices in a loving way, most will choose that which is better for them and others. With the economy bad and jobs hard to find, the temptation for taking the "easy way" is harder than ever to resist. But that path may ruin or end young lives before their time. Since 1996 the Eugene Bowman Economic Empowerment Center has been working to reach youth and provide them with the things that are in short supply, or missing entirely in a young person's life. This work takes vision, hard work, volunteers, and of course funding.

All monies earned from the sale of each product on this site will go directly to the Eugene Bowman Economic Empowerment Center. Visit where you can learn more about our work with youth and where you can make a donation online and directly support the center and it's programs.

We are relatively new to the industry, but you will be seeing much more of us in the future. We are based out of San Diego, CA.


You Can Do Anything,You Believe You Can

Just start somewhere. Resolve to do something.
You might even write out what you want to
accomplish. Then explore what you need to do to
reach you goal, and start doing it, step by step.
It's the same as if you were planning a trip: you
get a map, make your preparations, and then start
traveling the right road.

Don't get "bound up" in any problems that stand
in your way. Do something every day to resolve
them. Trust your instincts. Do one thing at a time.

Remember... if you sow seeds of fear, doubt, panic,
and procrastination, it will most likely work against
you. If you keep doing the same things you're
doing now, you will keep ending up in similar
places to where you are now.

Once you start making progress towards your goal,
you will be magically propelled towards eventual
reward. Just keep listening and taking direction
from inside you. Be patient; your dreams will not
come true overnight. But start now, and go with
love and courage and confidence. Don't be afraid.
You can do anything you believe you can. And
don't forget to keep an open mind and heart to
check yourself along the way.

You can do it! Go for it, and good luck.
~ Donna Fargo ~

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